You Don’t Need A Reason To Help Someone

You don't need a reason to help someone

Originally this article was going to be about marketing on little to no budget. In my research, for the article, I realized that the blog posts should be interesting to potential players, not other game developers. So I thought about it from the perspective of my wife, who likes casual games, and a blog post on how a company is planning on marketing ranks pretty low on the interest meter. So now that I’ve introduced everyone to the premise of Helping Hand Games the blog posts will be a mixture of motivation/ways to help people and major updates on the game. This week it is motivation. You don’t need a reason to help someone.

There are times in all of our lives when we need help in some shape or form. Whether it’s something big or small there are always those moments of need. One of those times for me was when I decided to change careers. My parents took my family in for a year while I worked on learning a new trade. Without their help, I don’t know where we would be right now and I am so grateful. It’s a lot easier to help people though when you have a good reason too. Helping family and friends is something most people just do. What about strangers though? What about people who in our minds don’t deserve it? What about people who can’t ever help us in return? That, in my opinion, does not come naturally. It’s so easy to forget or dismiss those cases.

I want to keep the thought of helping others in front of you and provide you ways you can help amidst your busy day. Soon one way you can help a lot will be playing a Helping Hand Games game, but until then here are some other options. Johnson and Johnson’s Donate a Photo project. Every photo you upload they will donate a dollar towards a charity that you specify. Another thing you can do while you are waiting for our first game to come out is to check out our merchandise shop. Each purchase will support Samaritan’s Purse in their efforts to bring relief and hope to people around the world. So far, as of 8/23/17, the Helping Hand Games Community has provided 19 hot meals to children in need around the world! So remember, you don’t need a reason to help someone.

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  1. How cool that you have already provided 19 meals to those in need!! Keep up the good work Helping Hand Games.

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