Games For Change: The Adventure Begins

Games for Change

Games for change…

I’ve seen shoes for change, water for change, gum for change and the list goes on. What about games for change? Why not leverage the 36 billion dollar mobile game industry to help people? I’m going to partner with a charity and release a game that is not only fun but one that helps people.

The mobile game platform really lends itself to charity. A lot of the money can be earned through ads, at no cost to the player. They get to play a game and help people out in the process.

I’ve decided to document this adventure so that you can follow along. You will witness the creation of a company that will do some serious good. Also, I’ll document some of the processes of the creation of the game. I’m going to be researching charities, marketing strategies, game mechanics, art styles, etc. All in a hope to create something fun for you that will help people in need.

I want to use game mechanics that are tested and popular, I’m not looking to design the next great game in the sense that the game play is revolutionary but rather focus on giving the user something they will like, that is polished and will be fun for them to help raise money for people in need. I’ll still include some posts on the process though because until you make a game you don’t realize how much work goes into one.

The next article will be about my research process for finding the best charity to work with. I have a couple in mind but want to do my due diligence to make sure I pick the right one.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Good idea? Couldn’t possibly work? Let me know.

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